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Essay analyzing the changing perceptions and influence of Christianity in the United States.
Essay analyzing worldwide divisions between church and state specifically Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in the United States and Middle East.
This is a PDF of my Tumblr blog, Religion & Queerness in Television. I examined five religions and how those religions impacted each queer character on television.
It is clear that the essences of both Islam and Christian traditions are nearly identical. If one truly and objectively evaluates the nature and history of each religion, it will be infallibly concluded that Islam and Christianity are essentially the…
This is a converted blog that discusses the similarities and importance of scripture in the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
This blog focuses on how religion affects politics in the modern day. This blog went through different locations throughout the world and how each has a strong religious background that affects modern policies and laws coming into play. The main…
Academic article describing the Protestant Reformation's effects on Christianity.
This is a religious blog about different religions including Christianity, Jehovah's Witness and Hinduism and their beliefs in the afterlife as well as reincarnation.
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