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Pastor Toluba discusses the openness of the Wesley Foundation.
The current Pastor, Mike Toluba, at The Wesley Foundation of FSU and TCC
An image of the plaque hanging outside of The Wesley Foundation from the 1950's when it was "The Woman's Society of Christian Service."
This is an image of the integrated ministry and choir of the Wesley United Methodist Foundation in front of the recently demolished chapel.
This is a picture of Hillel's old location and shows that they are moving to a different location
The university’s Jewish organization center Hillel at FSU is located on West Pensacola Street. / Patrick O’Neill/FSView
Picture of the man who first came up with the organization and was the President when it first began.
FSCW students and Pastor Caldwell with canoe during a Presbyterian Students Council retreat at Camp Flastacowo in Tallahassee, FL
Photograph of the inside of the 1st Presbyterian Church during a party for FSU Freshman in Tallahassee, Fl.
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