financial secret of the catholic church

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financial secret of the catholic church


This paper goes into detail about how Catholic mega churches keep their financials away from their churchgoers. By describing multiple ways they are secretive this paper paints a picture of the interworking of some of these wealthy churches. It talks about how such highly looked upon and prestigious churches try to hide things from the public. The intention was to dig deep behind the Catholic Church’s finances and attempt to understand why they hide information and try to make people aware of where the money is going. The fact that most people involved in the church, and outside of it as well, have no idea where their donations and tithes are actually going is very suspicious. Most churches are likely to operate in similar ways, not just the Catholics, but for the purpose of this paper the main focus was on Catholic mega churches because of how large their audience and follower base has become. These churches are profiting and attaining such large amounts of money that it is well beyond worth looking into. The intention of this paper was not to bash or attack any one specific religion, but the main focus and basis of this paper asks questions that will raise suspicions.


Nile Lawrence-Stample


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Nile H. Lawrence-Stample




Nile H. Lawrence-Stample


Nile Lawrence-Stample, “financial secret of the catholic church,” Religion @ Florida State University, accessed July 18, 2024,

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