Trinity United Methodist Tallahassee WPA Church Inventory

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Trinity United Methodist Tallahassee WPA Church Inventory


Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Florida.
Methodist Church--Florida--History--20th century
Religion, history, and culture
Religion--History--20th century
Tallahassee (Fla.)--Church history


One page document, double sided. WPA Church inventory of Trinity United Methodist Church, Tallahassee.
Transcript Front:

[added note] (Methodist Episcopal, South) [end note]

TRINITY CHURCH, 1825--. (Mission 1825-1841) Park Ave., and Duval Street, Tallahassee, Leon County.

Constituted April 5, 1825. Services in a small wooden building, Park Ave., 2 blocks from present site, until 1827 when a Colonial type, brick building, with slave gallery and bell, erected. Present, red, rectangular, Gothic type, brick structure, using some hand hewn timbers from former building, and with memorial windows, erected and dedicated 1893, additions 1910. Present membership, 1631. Active organizations, Sunday School, Woman's Missionary Society, Epworth League.

First settled pastor, Rev. Josiah Freeman, February 6, 1928-1929. Education unknown. Present pastor, Rev. G.E. Anderson, 1939--. [strike text] J.H. Daniel, June, 1934--, 610 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee; Southern College, Lakeland. [end strike] See short sketch of early church, 'Tallahassee of Yesterday,' p. 75, by Sallie E. Blake, 1924, published by T.J. Applegate, in State Library, Tallahassee.

MINUTE BOOKS, 1828--, 7 vols. Showing minutes of meetings, financial records. Current records, custody of pastor, Rev. J.E. Anderson.

CHURCH RECORDS, 1825--, 1 vols. Showing membership roll, baptisms, deaths. 1 vol. 1934--, custody of pastor, Rev. J.E. Anderson.

WOMAN'S MISSIONRY SOCIETY, 1920--, 5 vols. Showing membership roll, minutes of meetings, attendance. Custody of Mrs. O.C. Parker, 415 West College Street, Tallahassee.

[strike text] SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORDS, 1828. Showing minutes of meetings, financial records. [end strike]

Transcript Back:

TREASURER'S RECORD OF WOMAN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 1920--, 1 vol. Showing financial record. Custody of Mrs. O.O. Mickler, 215 West Gaines Street, Tallahassee.

EPWORTH LEAGUE, 1930--, 4 vols. Showing minutes of meetings, membership roll, attendance.

Additional Demographic Notes:
Denomination: Methodist Episcopal, South
Pastor: J.E. Anderson
Race/Ethnicity: White
County: Leon
City: Tallahassee Date: 1825


WPA Church Archives Inventory


Courtesy of State Archives of Florida, WPA Church Records, Image Number: 0908038


Originally circa 1934, pencil revisions circa 1939


John L. Crow




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WPA Church Archives Inventory, “Trinity United Methodist Tallahassee WPA Church Inventory,” Religion @ Florida State University, accessed July 18, 2024,

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