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This category covers items that include content relevant to numerous religions and religious traditions.

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In Vitro Fertilization in Religion
This blog covers how different religions feel about in vitro fertilization. Since it is a relatively new technology, there are still many questions regarding the acceptation and limitations in each religion. Fertility issues are a problem for many…

Religion Progressivism
This is a blog consisting of five blog entries regarding progressive reforms within different religions. This is a class project for a World Religion class. Each entry touches on a specific movement or event in a certain religion that has already, or…

The Similarities Between Judaism and Islam
This paper will discuss the relationship between Judaism and Islam. They have many similarities and have many of the same principles in common. It was also talk about the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Andaman Island Female Puberty Ritual: A Rite of Passage
Analysis of Andaman Island puberty ritual using Arnold Van Gennep's model of rites of passage.

Clothing Proscriptions for Women in Different Religions
I created a blog post of clothing proscriptions for women in different religions. Each blog post talks about a specific religion. The way women dress or are supposed to be portrayed in each religion is then explained.

Christmas Around the World
A description of the Christmas traditions of five different countries and the history behind them.

Blog of World's Wedding
Who doesn’t love attending a wedding? It is so beautiful to be able to see two people who are in love get married. On top of that, you get to party, celebrate, and participate in wedding traditions. Speaking of traditions, what type of wedding…

Children within Hinduism
These blogs describe the influence parents have on their children growing up within the Hinduism religion. They also inform readers about customs children adopt when born into a Hindu family.

Blog of World's Wedding
I am creating this blog for my Introduction to World Religion class at Florida State University.

Who doesn't love attending a wedding? It is so beautiful to be able to see two people who are in love get married. On top of that, you get…

Blog on Religion Affecting Politics
This blog focuses on how religion affects politics in the modern day. This blog went through different locations throughout the world and how each has a strong religious background that affects modern policies and laws coming into play. The main…
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