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Picture of Trinity United Methodist Church on corner of N Duval Street and W Park Ave during the daytime. This is the third church building at the current location. This building's construction was completed May 1964.
Picture of second Trinity Methodist Church built at the northeast corner of W Park Ave and N Duval St. Constructed in 1893, it was demolished in August 1962
Portrait of Trinity Methodist Church pastor Dr. Josephus Anderson in Tallahassee, Florida. Reverend Anderson served as pastor of Trinity Methodist Church from 1855-1856 and again from 1872-1875.
One page document, double sided. WPA Church inventory of Trinity United Methodist Church, Tallahassee.
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[added note] (Methodist Episcopal, South) [end note]

TRINITY CHURCH, 1825--. (Mission 1825-1841) Park Ave., and Duval…
This is the first of three Trinity Methodist Churches built at the northeast corner of W Park Ave and N Duval St. Built in 1840, it was destroyed in 1892 to make way for the 2nd church.
Linda Yates describes World War II Memorial Plaque found in the Heritage Room at Trinity United Methodist.
Vicki Sheffield describes the events that led her to Christian Science
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