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It is a picture of Saint Lucy Holding a offering plate with eyes.
" those whose hearts are pure are temples of the Holy spirit
The current presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, is remarkably akin to the apostle Paul. In an examination of Cruz's speeches and rhetoric compared to the Pauline epistles, parallels between the two draw tight.

The comparison becomes historical,…
Academic essay that identifies the issues with Islamophobia
These blogs describe the influence parents have on their children growing up within the Hinduism religion. They also inform readers about customs children adopt when born into a Hindu family.
This is a blog about three different religions and their celebrations with the history and traditions in mind.
Blog describing various religious extremist or fundamentalist groups throughout history.
This essay cover the decline of Christianity's influence in American culture by looking at the recent significant changes in American culture.
This essay looks at the tensions between Protestantism and Catholicism and analyzes the shifts within these tensions, noting the revolving nature of them from accommodation to conflict to cooperation and back again. This essay focuses specifically on…
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