The Pope's Religious Views Reflect Political Challenges of Today's World

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The Pope's Religious Views Reflect Political Challenges of Today's World


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This essay discusses many of Pope Francis’ religious views and relates how they reflect political challenges throughout the world today. Pope Francis’ role as the pope involves not only being head of the Catholic Church, but also being head of the sovereign city-state, Vatican City, as well. The Pope is viewed widely by the human eye. The media suggested that the pope has the popularity of a celebrity and has a large influence on society. This also allows for him to receive both praise and criticism due to his decisions and views on religious and political topics. He has many responsibilities being involved in both of these roles. Despite the views of many politicians, Pope Francis has the right to speak on both religious views as well as politically charged topics such as immigration, religious freedom, and global warming. This sparks controversy throughout today’s world. Many people have different views on what should be talked about. Pope Francis’ has been widely received by Catholics as well as non-Catholics. Pope Francis gives the message of love. It is accepted by many people however he has also received a lot of negative feedback based on his views. He is very understanding and promotes dignity of all individuals. Being an immigrant himself, Pope Francis has open arms for immigrants. He has the view that they should be helped and that others should not be afraid of immigrants. He also talks about climate change. Pope Francis also is open about religious freedom. All of these are topics that spark controversy throughout society today.


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Liguori, Andrea E. , “The Pope's Religious Views Reflect Political Challenges of Today's World,” Religion @ Florida State University, accessed July 24, 2024,

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