The Effects of Modernization on the Jewish Community

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The Effects of Modernization on the Jewish Community


Throughout my paper, I discussed how American modernization has negatively impacted the practice of Jewish traditions among the Jewish society. Many aspects of the Jewish religion and culture are exemplified throughout this paper such as diet, clothing, and gender roles. I discuss the importance of keeping kosher, which is the Jewish dietary law mentioned in the Torah, the sacred text of Judaism. Due to the modernization of the American society, many Jewish individuals do not keep the kosher and deviate from the traditional Jewish path. Also, as our society modernizes, many people have developed their own way of dressing in order to portray their sense of identity to others. Some may consider many traditional Jewish garments to be "out of style" while others truly value those particular garments used for either religious purposes or everyday life. AS our society continues to modernize, many Jewish people continue to have a loose interpretation of Jewish traditions and become lazy when practicing those traditions. Lastly, I discussed the topic of gender roles throughout this paper and how it relates to the modernization of the American society. In ancient times, women had a much greater role than men. This is completely different then how women and men are viewed now. Many stereotypes and prejudice against women has arisen due to the modernization of our society.


Valdes, Victoria A.



About 1972


Victoria A. Valdes


English; Hebrew





Valdes, Victoria A. , “The Effects of Modernization on the Jewish Community,” Religion @ Florida State University, accessed June 15, 2024,

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