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Essay on religious conflicts within the Levant region
Religions exist because of their followers. Without followers, a religion would become extinct. In order to gain adherents to a religion, they must have beliefs that are appealing to people. One powerful conversion tool for many religions is the…
This is a blog about three different religions and their celebrations with the history and traditions in mind.
pdf of blog on different religions views of various forms of adornment including jewelry, makeup, hair, tattoos, clothing, etc. Religions discussed are Judaism, Islam, Amish, Jainism, and Maori culture.
An analysis of ancient yoga practice. Key historical points are brought forth and discussed and later compared. This is an in depth analysis of the changes of ancient yoga practice with a focus on tantric yoga. The evolution of yoga is brifly…
This is an essay arguing how feminism has reshaped religions such as Christianity and Judaism.
This blog has been made by an FSU student in the Fall semester of 2015 for REL1300, Introduction to World Religions. This blog goes through the many viewpoints of interfaith marriages and how different cultures go about them. There are also different…
This is a PDF of my Tumblr blog, Religion & Queerness in Television. I examined five religions and how those religions impacted each queer character on television.
This is a religious blog about different religions including Christianity, Jehovah's Witness and Hinduism and their beliefs in the afterlife as well as reincarnation.
This blog discusses different sacred animals within various religions. It informs why different animals are thought of so highly by certain cultures. The blog shows what the different animals symbolize within the culture as well as the stories from…
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