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PDF of a blog about different fundamentalist and extremist groups in different world religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hindu.
Religion impacts the dietary choices of those that are a part of the belief system by affecting what, and even when, people eat. Abstaining from foods (in part or in whole) for periods of time (or entirely), plays a significant role in religion.
The blog is talks about a range of scenarios where the media portrays the specific religion in a particular way.
Emily Hernandez Fall 2015
This is a blog that is interview based. I took four young adults of different religions and asked them some questions about their beliefs.
Emily Fanning Fall 2015

This is an upload of a 1500 word essay in PDF format. This essay discusses that Muslims in America face discrimination and danger through violence and vandalism due to their faith.
pdf of blog on different religions views of various forms of adornment including jewelry, makeup, hair, tattoos, clothing, etc. Religions discussed are Judaism, Islam, Amish, Jainism, and Maori culture.
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