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In modern society Religion can take a backseat to other issues popularized by media and community. This document takes the stance from an outside looking in approach of students on campus and the different views taken on religion after arriving on…
a detail account of the hindu-Muslim conflict and
This paper attempts to address whether militant atheism is a form of religious persecution and how have religious groups responded.
1500 Word Essay on how Interfaith Marriages are going to fail due to their differing view on ruling deities, views of afterlife, and how to raise children religiously within the marriage and household.
Brooke T. Archacki, Fall 2015
This item is an essay on the major differences in Christian denominations. It focuses more on Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Churches. The focus of the essay is on these Christian denominations…
This is a picture of St. Thomas More and it's bell tower, showing that it is only across the street from Florida State's campus.
This blog has been created by Samantha Arietta in Fall 2015 at the Florida State University.
This is a blog that focuses primarily on topics within modern Judaism and how these topics affect different parts of Judaism.
This was created by Brooke Arnold at Florida State University in the Fall of 2015. This blog is about the affects of anti-Semitism on Judaism and how it has shaped the religion that it is today.
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