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Academic article describing the Protestant Reformation's effects on Christianity.
This is an outside view of the Timberlane Church of Christ
Academic essay that describes the motives for people to change their current religion/faith.
Since the beginning of time man has marveled over the thought of life after this death. Under the realm of Christianity comes the thought process of Heaven and Hell. Christian belief is that there is one God and he and he alone is all powerful and…
This is an essay that focuses on the decline of Christianity in America and how the amount of followers of Christianity in Africa, South America, and Asia has risen in recent years.
Lucy Bastidas Fall 2015
This is a photonegative photograph in black an white of the first building of the Watson Temple Institutional Church of God in Christ, located at the corner of Georgia St. and Dewey St., Tallahassee. The church was finished…
Brooke T. Archacki, Fall 2015
This item is an essay on the major differences in Christian denominations. It focuses more on Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Churches. The focus of the essay is on these Christian denominations…
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