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Essay on religious conflicts within the Levant region
This is a picture of the first building the church built. It was built in 1870 and remained open until 1974 when they demolished and rebuilt a new church on the same property.
A brief, chronological history of Morningside Baptist Church: From the early days of private house assemblies to thriving on thirty-two acres.
An essay describing reasons why the popularity of Catholicism is declining
The Apostolic Church of Tallahassee also has a small elementary school that it runs. The picture shows the outside of the school.
pdf of blog on different religions views of various forms of adornment including jewelry, makeup, hair, tattoos, clothing, etc. Religions discussed are Judaism, Islam, Amish, Jainism, and Maori culture.
Religions exist because of their followers. Without followers, a religion would become extinct. In order to gain adherents to a religion, they must have beliefs that are appealing to people. One powerful conversion tool for many religions is the…
An essay outlining religion driven behavior in the United States
Richard L. Torres, Fall 2015
This essay analyzes the on-going debate on the resurgence of Confucianism in China today through examination of its historical rise and falls in history. It argues that while Confucianism will always serve as a…
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