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Photograph of a classroom in the First Presbyterian Church with children and two teachers
FSCW students and Pastor Caldwell with canoe during a Presbyterian Students Council retreat at Camp Flastacowo in Tallahassee, FL
Photograph of the inside of the 1st Presbyterian Church during a party for FSU Freshman in Tallahassee, Fl.
Linda Yates describes Trinty's role in helping found other Methodist Churches in Tallahassee area
Linda Yates describes the founding of Trinity Methodist in 1824 and the first church building established in 1840.
Linda Yates describes World War II Memorial Plaque found in the Heritage Room at Trinity United Methodist.
One page document, double sided. WPA Church inventory of Trinity United Methodist Church, Tallahassee.
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[added note] (Methodist Episcopal, South) [end note]

TRINITY CHURCH, 1825--. (Mission 1825-1841) Park Ave., and Duval…
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