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This is the sign that stands outside of the Apostolic Church of Tallahassee.
Unbiased overview of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This paper describes the history of the conflict, a general overview of why this is happening, and the crisis that is still ongoing today. This will inform the reader of what the term Zionism is and how…
a message recorded by Bill Bright. It was part of an album of messages produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, entitled What Christians Believe.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This is where everyone gathers to pray and listen to preach. This is the most important place within the whole church as it shows some of their values as there is no organ or any instruments like that.
Here, by standers watch and applaud as a former Baptist Collegiate Ministry member by the name of Ryan McCraw has been baptized in the famous Westcott Fountain of Florida State University .
Here, a former member of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry is being baptized in the Westcott Fountain of FSU. On this night many others were baptized as well.
Original base of baptismal pool found at Mission church
This significant document consists of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry's constitution of 2011-2012. It includes a pre-amble, ten articles and by-laws. The ten articles regard the name, purpose, objectives, membership, offices, officers, duties,…
Dr. Lance Beauchamp is the Florida State University's Baptist Collegiate Ministry Director and campus minister. He is also a professor of Biblical Studies and Theology for Liberty University online since the Fall of 2006. He has received a Master of…
This photograph shows the Illuminate service where they discuss their "Defining Moments" series to an audience of students.
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