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Picture showing parishoner John Birch and satue of the Good Shepherd. Jonh Birch, a handy sculptor, discovered that the oak tree located on the northwest end of the church was dying so he suggested that he sculpt it into a figure that resembled the…
This picture shows a news paper article discussing the preperations for the Saint Patricks day dance held by Good Shepherd parishioners. Father Kirby ordered his parishioners to plan and celebrate this holiday in honor of the patron saint of his home…
Picture of Rev. Edward A. Kirby after celebrating the first Holy Mass as the Good Shepherd parish on January 28th 1973. The mass was held in the Great Hall of Malcay School off of North Meridian Road. This photo was taken before Good Shepherd Parish…
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This is their motto for their church, it is on the left hand side when you walk in. Everyone sees this poster and is important to everyone who prays there.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This is where everyone gathers to pray and listen to preach. This is the most important place within the whole church as it shows some of their values as there is no organ or any instruments like that.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This is a block of the people who were helpful in helping this church move off monroe street. There are the founders of the new church.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This stone was put on the outside of the church when it was built. This is the description of when it was built along with the names on another stone of the people responsible for building the new church.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015. This is a "fathead" of sorts that is on their wall. It shows how involved this church is with the community as well as with others. Visiting a big part of the church is their community service to kids lives.
Devin Tiffany Fall 2015.This is an article that is hanging within the church about building a new assembly room. Very important to the people of the church as they could expand the church.
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