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This is a converted blog that discusses the similarities and importance of scripture in the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
essay on how the teachings of one man created a new religion
This blog focuses on how religion affects politics in the modern day. This blog went through different locations throughout the world and how each has a strong religious background that affects modern policies and laws coming into play. The main…
Essay on religious conflicts within the Levant region
I am creating this blog for my Introduction to World Religion class at Florida State University.

Who doesn't love attending a wedding? It is so beautiful to be able to see two people who are in love get married. On top of that, you get…
This paper attempts to address whether militant atheism is a form of religious persecution and how have religious groups responded.
Congregation inside of the new City Church Tharpe Campus
This blog discusses different sacred animals within various religions. It informs why different animals are thought of so highly by certain cultures. The blog shows what the different animals symbolize within the culture as well as the stories from…
The City Church congregation during their time at Leon High School
The first of many constitutional amendments in the United States was formally separating the role of religious institutions from the government. Centuries later, religion is still mentioned when watching presidential debates or when talking about…
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