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Essay on why women deserve equality in Catholic churches, as gender should not prevent anyone from leading.
Alexandra S. Murray, Fall 2015
This item is a thesis essay expressing the necessity for Catholic high school students to explore other world religions besides their traditional faith. The essay states data and statistics from well-known theologians,…
Clergy giving out Communion during Mass at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Tallahassee.
This is an essay describing the History and tradition of Saint Louis Catholic Church. It includes facts and experiences I had with this Church.
Built in 1951, it was remodeled in 1981. Photographed by the Tallahassee Democrat.
This is an essay that focuses on the decline of Christianity in America and how the amount of followers of Christianity in Africa, South America, and Asia has risen in recent years.
Annual Mass at Mission San luis
Original base of baptismal pool found at Mission church
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