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Religious associations not being allowed to be discussed throughout the world is a major problem. These controversies affect romantic relationships, family relationships, and economics most frequently. The three religions I will be discussing most in…
This is a converted blog that discusses the similarities and importance of scripture in the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
An educational blog highlighting the various dietary laws in different religions.
Gabriella Castaneda Fall 2015

This is an upload of a Microsoft Word Document. It consists of an essay with a minimum count of 1500 words. The essay talks about the author's personal experience with an interfaith relationship and how society in…
Cody Baldwin, Fall 2015. Blog about the rich history of initiation throughout five of the largest religions. Posts cover the Christian Baptism, Jewish Barmitzvah, Muslim Shahada, Hindu Upanayanam, as well as the initiation ceremony performed by…
Emily Hernandez Fall 2015
This is a blog that is interview based. I took four young adults of different religions and asked them some questions about their beliefs.

Interfaith Wedding Planner Mobile Application Specification Document
The purpose of this document is to present and engage with humanities related content using STEM concepts related to software engineering in a new way. In order to do this, the Interfaith Wedding Planner Mobile Application Specification document…
Academic essay that describes the motives for people to change their current religion/faith.
Blog on creation stories from different religions and an analysis of them
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