Essay on the changes in the Christian Church.

Wesley Strump, Spring 2016

            The Christian Church is moving away from being the societal standard. This is not to diminish those who still hold Christian principles and values as the guiding factor in their lives. Many abide by strict Christian Doctrine and associated law under the Church, ensuring the Gospel as the determining factor shaping their decisions. The strict nature of Christianity, however, has lost momentum, due to no fault of the Church itself that instills these values and principles consistently, as it has throughout history. Social values have changed and lack the alignment with the Christian Church that once existed, where individuals were compelled, and even demanded to abide by the strict rule of the Christian Doctrine. While society becomes more accepting of principles that were previously considered radical under Christian Law, such as abortion, gay marriage and evolutionism, the Christian Church loses momentum and, in turn, diminishes in its power to control the population and maintain order as seen fit.