Essay on Christianity’s Decline of Influence in American Culture

PDF of Essay on Christianity's decline of influence in America

By Curtiss J Robinson

Christianity has not directly dictated governance, but it has made its place in American long-standing traditions, customs, and policies. This essay overviews recent trends in America culture regarding declining religious affiliation. Christianity’s impact on the Unites States' culture is slowly fading and consequently America has seen many changes such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, an increased use of marijuana along with legalization in some states, and an increase of Americans that identify as religiously unaffiliated. 

By using research and surveys, a clear correlation is found regarding the wide spread changes in Americans and the increase of American’s identifying as religiously unaffiliated. After a decline of self-identified Protestants in Unites States “from 62 percent in 1972 to 48 percent in 2012” it is clear that Christianity’s heavy influence is slowly fading. America will forever continue to develop and it is the inevitable fate of every country to have several changes in popularity of mainstream religions and religious identification.