Blog of Religion and Symbolism

An anlysis of different symbols in each of five different religions

By Teresa Valentin, Spring 2016

This blog was created as a form of analyzing symbols in different religions and the place each symbol holds in the religions. It starts with the discussion of the Dharma wheel in Buddhism and the importance of the concept of Dharma in Hinduism. The Star of David is discussed in relation to the importance it holds as a symbol in Judaism and what the significance of it is within the religion. An attempt at understanding the symbolic representation of the cross which so many attribute to Christianity was also made. Having considered Buddhism and Hinduism the blog then delves into the differences and similarities between these traditions and those of the Jain and Sikh community. The individual symbols of the Jain and Sikh religions are also discussed. The symbol discussed for the Sikh tradition was the Khanda and the symbol discussed for the Jain tradition was the palm of Ahimsa. The author attempted to be introductory in the discussion of each of the symbols by providing information as though it was being read for the first time by the audience. In other words the research was presented in a clear and concise manner avoiding words or phrases that did not add to the comprehension of the reading. This post is more of an introductory and topical analysis of the different symbols than an in depth analysis of the religions themselves. There is an outsider perspective to the blog simply due to the fact that the writer was not immersed in the different religions and cultures, although for future this would yield a wildly more interesting and invigorated blog. Although one cannot assume to learn everything about a religion or culture, through curiosity and opennes one can aim to increase their understanding of different worldviews.