An Essay About Religion in Modern Day America

An analysis of religion driven behavior in modern day America.

Taylor Laffey

Fall 2015

This essay looks at religion, and more specifically Christian beliefs, and there function in modern day America. Some may say that religious beliefs have fallen to the wayside and have been overcome by societal changes and new cultural ideals. However, this is less than true. Religion has not, and will never cease to be a behavioral motivator, and a truly powerful one at that. Even in today’s socially liberated society, many Americans when making important life decisions utilize religion. Religion is prominent in ways other than decision-making; behavior itself can be religiously guided. For example, those who are considered highly religious are much less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. They are also more likely to practice abstinence and avoid risky sexual behavior. When looking at mainstream America, that is not the case for many non-religious individuals. The biggest display of religion controlling behavior and decision-making is the tradition of marriage in the United States. Marriage is one of the oldest religious practices that has managed to stay relevant for centuries. To this day people strive to get married, not only for the financial benefits it may provide but for their relationship to be validated with in God’s eyes. For many people their religion is the main reason they get married, and for some, it’s the reason they stay married. Religion can also dictate who people marry, another huge life decision. For these reasons, among many others, it is plainly seen how religion in modern day America is still alive and well. The very nature of religion is to control people’s behavior to create a well-functioning society and that, without a doubt, still occurs today.