Essay on decline of Catholicism

Nancy Baumgart, Fall 2015

As more people have embraced the scientific theories of evolution, Catholicism has become less popular…but is that the only reason? The idea that Catholicism is less popular due to science was proven wrong immediately after doing some research. The idea that Catholicism is opposed to science is simply not true, it actually encourages scientific research and is responsible for important scientific advances. The only conflict between science and Christian faith is an individual decision of belief. People are not abandoning their religion because of science, they are abandoning it for other reasons. Some of these reasons include the role of women in the Roman Catholic Church. Women are finding it harder and harder to embrace a religion that even Pope Francis calls “a relic of the past”; however, the Catholic Church feels that it is clearly stated in the bible that women being ordained is simply not allowed. Another reason is all the issues the Catholic Church has gone through regarding the sexual molestation of children by priests. Many feel that the church did not handle this delicate matter well and continues to protect their own at any cost. Although Pope Francis has put a “zero tolerance” plan in effect, it seems to be only followed in the United States whereas in other countries a priest could still just get a verbal warning. Yet another reason is that divorce and remarriage has become a norm in today’s society but the Catholic Church is still regimented in their acceptance of remarried members taking communion.