Essay on Diet in a Religious Context

An essary on the relationship between Religion and Diet.

Benjamin Black, Fall 2015


            Using a recent survey, the research sparked an interest in how the average person views their diet in a religious context. Exploring the dietary preferences of an array of religions including Christianity (Specifically Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons), Islam, Judaism, Jainiasm, and Rastafarianism. These dietary restrictions and regulations can be viewed in a way that provides a deeper insight into how the religion functions, not only how the followers of the religion are required or recommended to eat. Cross examining these scriptures or religious texts on diet with the way that religions encourage day-to-day living provides us with a vital viewpoint on the importance of something that is seemingly unrelated to the bigger picture.

            From the author’s vegetarian approach it is mentioned how these ideas apply in the personal life of those involved and can either further grow someone in their spiritual journey, or on the other hand, it can keep them stagnant in a place. Much can be revealed about a person when this aspect is considered, although many do not place much effort into this school of thought.

            Brief comparisons are found between opposing and complementing belief systems, and this further shows how these religious diets are not only related to daily life, but also how they can be related to other religions without explicitly stating so.