Blog Posts on Ethnicity & Religion

Therese Vidal, Fall 2015

The attached file is a pdf document of the blog written for REL 1300 Introduction to World Religions Fall 2015

This is a blog that details the different religious traditions, practices and customs of the ethnic groups (Hispanic, African American and Asian) living in the United States.  The purpose of this blog is to provide insight and understanding into the rich and diverse cultures in our nation as it relate to religious beliefs and corresponding practices and customs.  Initial blog posts detail the origin of Hispanic and African American religious practices in the U.S.  The impact history had on shaping the religious customs and traditions still practiced today (such as the impact of colonization on the religion of Hispanic American as well as the impact of slavery on African American religious practices). The blog also looks at the diverse religious faiths of the Asian American (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) populations residing here in the United States.  The blog analyzes the impact acculturation has on faith and religious traditions and how each ethnic group adopts American traditions (such as Thanksgiving) and adapts it with their own cultural flavor and twists.  The blog takes a look at the changing landscape of religions in America and the impact of these changes and on the increasing number of individuals residing in the U.S. who report no religious affiliation.  The blog closes by looking at the various holiday (Christmas and Hanukkah) traditions and customs practiced by the different ethnic groups (Jews, Vietnamese, Japanese, Argentinean, Mexican and Cuban) - - celebrating the same holiday while practicing the same religion yet with varied and different traditions.