Blog post discussing the affects of anti-Semitism on Judaism

A collection of the affects of anti-semitism on Judaism from the Holocaust up until the modern times of today.

Brooke Arnold, Fall 2015


These blogs are a collection of the affects of Anti-Semitism on the religion Judaism today. The first blog consisted of one of the worst forms of anti-Semitism, which was the Holocaust. It goes on to tell what the Nazis put the Jewish people through and what they had to deal with. The next blog talks about the affects of the Holocaust on the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism in the Holocaust took a major toll on the Jewish people. Many people had lost their family and friends, and had no places to live. They also experienced major anti-Semitism even after the war. This led to the establishment of the state of Israel, which helped implement a stronger Jewish population and society. The next few blogs discuss the different forms of anti-Semitism that have occurred all over the world. Most people feel that the United States is safe and far from it, but they are wrong. The United States still experiences a plethora of anti-Semitism, along with many people in Israel and Europe. I then wrote a blog about the affects of anti-Semitism on the people today. Today anti-Semitism still plays a role throughout the world. It might not be as major as it was back in time, but it still hurts and affects people. There is turmoil going on in the Middle East as you read this, and people still feel that the Holocaust was still a hoax. My last blog consisted of my trip to Israel when I experienced anti-Semitism for the first time in my life. Growing up in the United States in a predominately Jewish town, I never truly understood what anti-Semitism is and how it can make someone feel. After experiencing it in Israel, I now know how hurtful it can be and I know I would never want to make someone feel as bad as I did.