Blog on the Culture of Religion in Sports *

[Cameron (C.J.) Butts, Fall 2015]

The relationship between religion and sports has been a sleeping giant since sports were starting to be televised. The freedom and stage that an athlete has when a camera and microphone are shoved in his face is almost insurmountable. Everyone can hear his words and learn his persona on camera and if he or she so pleases they share their faith with all who are watching. As time as gone on that voice has gotten stronger for athletes and when they try to use it in advocating religion, especially in present times, it has been ridiculed. A look into the perspectives around the topic of religion and sports shows what fans and the general public perceive along with the athletes themselves, the media and administration. Moreover, the sheer fact that a star athletes private life is hardly private anymore it’s hard for young kids to be able to look up to a real stand-up guy and have a role model. With the media and some of the general public delving into someone’s past and digging up any dirt they can find no big time star seems to come without a warning label somewhere near him. This makes it hard for athletes to express their personal beliefs and faith to young fans who want to see them as a role model. The media brushes aside the religious acts in the game of sport now and only brings to light the baggage that an athlete carries with him. It’s because of this there are hardly any more televised prayers are teams advocating religious groups. It’s also why young kids hardly have anyone to look up to any more.