Blog Post on Inter-religious Marriage

Arielle Shapiro Fall 2015

This is a blog created by an FSU student in the Fall 2015 semester for REL 1300, Intoduction to World Religions. In this blog you will find posts about interfaith marriages, something you may or may not be familiar with. In these posts you will see how different cultures either utilize, or react to this concept of interreligious (interfaith) marriages. There are many ways to go about the process of marriage, which is also discussed. Success in marriage heavily relies on the dedication of its partners, and faith also plays a huge role in that. Read more to see all of the diferent ways interfaith marriage is viewed, organized, reacted to, and carried out. You will find links to stories related to each topic, videos that help visualize, and statistics that further explain the importance of that posts' message. Things like arranged marriages, success stories, traditional, and non-traditional aspects to marriage are outlined and discussed. Many families, even those who practice the same religion as one another have different views on the topic of interfaith mariages. This topic has a unique opportunity to show how people of different cultures go throughout life. People living in the same country, or practicing the same religion go about our "normal" life milestones very different than one another.